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Brighten up your computer with a 3D Screensaver

You should have your computer out in the open so you can see what your kids are doing while they are online. Now you need to make it look better when it isn't being used. Windows has some pretty nice default screensavers but none that can compare with the ones that you can see here. Free Screensavers and Wallpapers at Astrogemini.com They have some of the best collections of screensavers that we have ever come across on the Internet. They have everything from Halloween Screensavers, 3D Aquariums and Patriotic 3D screensavers to some quite amazing Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday screensavers and backgrounds.

Astrogemini makes some great quality 3D Thanksgiving screensavers. They make absolutely breathtaking Christmas screensavers and 3D snowy scenes and nature and fish and etc. Really nice site to check out if you think you will like a nice Holiday 3D screensaver on your computer screen. 

Have you ever dreamt of visiting the real Santa's home? It is Christmas time and your dreams come true. Find yourself in a winter wonderland deep in the woods surrounded by enchanting snowy landscapes. Santa is at home getting ready for the big night, and his joyful reindeers can't wait to embark on a magical sleigh ride. Enjoy this fairytale scenery with gorgeously decorated Christmas trees, gently twirling snowflakes and festive music.

Christmas Screensavers

Christmas 3D Screensaver - Experience the serene atmosphere of a quiet winter night with this outstanding Christmas 3D Screensaver. It will take you away to a peaceful setting with a few cottages covered with snow, with smoke coming out of chimneys and slowly rising, as there is no wind to disturb anything in this quiet winter paradise. Relaxing music and high quality 3D graphics will help you forget about the busy world around.

Christmas Time 3D Screensaver


See More Holiday Screensavers like These!

Patriotic Screensavers


  This amazing Fireworks Display is only $8.99

Fireworks screensavers

Interactive Fireworks Display for your Enjoyment

Halloween Screensavers

Patriotic Screensavers
Thanksgiving Screensavers


This Sea Aquarium is a true 3D experience. Designed by a fantastic team this is sure to be the most talked about screensaver for the next few years. Tickle the fish, feed the fish, set the lighting to change automatically. You get three extremely realistic scenes and 10 tropical fish which swim under the surface water which ripples as the light that shines through. This is one of the most realistic aquarium screensavers ever developed. It is also a true 3D screensaver so you will need a 3D display card and DirectX 9 to get the best results.



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