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Internet Safety

Recent Internet Predator and Sexting Nightmares In The News

Barstow police: Man masturbated during online chat with girl, 10 - Police said the mother of a 10-year-old girl reported that her daughter was a victim of indecent exposure. The mother told police that her daughter had been communicating with a man via an Internet video chat application, police said.
The man was identified as Murphy, 30, an acquaintance of the victim’s family, police said.

During a video chat between the two on Feb. 28, police say Murphy exposed his genitals to the victim and was observed masturbating. Read More>>

Facebook predator jailed - A Facebook predator has been jailed after he used the social media site to offer schoolgirls money for sex.
Connor Larbalestier tried to persuade girls as young as 13 to send him nude pictures of themselves and asked one girl if she would sleep with him for £500.
Larbalestier carried on using Facebook to contact girls even after he had been interviewed by the police but he always denied ever trying to arrange a face to face meeting with them.
Larbalestier, aged 20, of Bladon Close, Newton Abbot, admitted two offences of sexual activity with a child, three of inciting children aged 12, 13, and 14, to engage in sexual activity, and two of possessing indecent images. Read More>>

Former chemistry teacher arrested for sexting with teenage student in Chester County - A former high school chemistry teacher from Chester County has been charged with exchanging sexually explicit images and text messages with one of his teenage students.
30-year-old Brandon Mitchell of West Chester is charged with child pornography, unlawful contact with a minor and other offenses.

Prosecutors say Mitchell and one of his 16-year-old male students exchanged nude pictures of each other through texting, and sent over 12,000 text messages to each other, many of which were sexually explicit. Read More>>


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Keynsham man who had Facebook sex chat with girl aged 13 sent her a photo of his penis, court told - A loner who sent a 13-year-old girl an intimate photo of himself has been handed a suspended jail term.
Timothy Hawkins' chats with the youngster on social networking site Facebook became increasingly sexualised, Bristol Crown Court heard.
After asking her for a photo of her chest, which she declined to give, he sent her a photo of his private parts. Read More>>

Paedophile jailed after grooming teenage girl online - A Birmingham paedophile who groomed a teenage girl he met in an online chat room and then had sex with her, has been jailed for three years.
Mark Caudery, who persuaded the 14-year-old victim to send him indecent images of herself, was caught after she told a school mentor what had been going on.
34-year-old Caudery of Sheffield Road, Kings Heath, who had previously admitted inciting a child to engage a child in sexual activity, engaging in sexual activity with a child, engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child and two charges of making indecent images. Read More>>

Derbyshire IT whiz-kid used work laptop for sexually explicit chat with 14-year-old girl - A HIGH-FLYING IT specialist used his works laptop to contact a 14-year-old girl and make sexually explicit remarks to her.
James Bird posed online in chat rooms and on Skype as "Jamie.1" and asked the girl to lift her jumper on a web cam, Southern Derbyshire Magistrates' Court was told.
She refused but he told her what she was doing was sexually exciting him and, the following day, he contacted her online again when she told him she was with a boy.
He asked the two of them to kiss for him in view of the web cam. Read More>>

Van Patrick Colambo is accused of exchanging nude photographs with a 10-year-old girl through Facebook. - Guam - Van Patrick Colambo, 26, who was accused of exchanging nude pictures with a 10-year-old girl, says he’s innocent even though police say he confessed to police that the photos were of himself.
He was arrested last month and charged with possession of child pornography, indecent electronic display to a child and electronic enticement of a child.
The case came to light after the minor’s father checked the girl’s Facebook account and found messages from Colambo. The father printed out 41 pages of communication and then turned it over to police. Read More>>


Realtime-Spy Remote computer monitoring

Realtime-Spy allows you to spy on your computer in real-time from anywhere that there is an Internet connection available.  This spy software logs Facebook, MSN, ICQ, Yahoo, AOL/AIM, All Popular Web-Browsers, Emails, Webmail, and pretty much any computer activity! It also defeats most popular spyware detectors. Realtime-Spy can be installed by sending a single file to the target computer you own. To install, the user of your computer only has to accept the monitoring software installation notice. Realtime-Spy cloaks itself after it is installed, and does not reveal itself to the user. Read more about Realtime-Spy.

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More Information


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Sexting in the News

Waukesha police investigate students as young as 10 in sexting case - At least 30 Waukesha students between the ages of 10 and 15 are under investigation on suspicion of trading nude photographs and sexually graphic videos of themselves and each other over the Internet, the Waukesha Police Department said Friday.
Waukesha Police Capt. Dan Baumann said the students — most of them girls — were using a variety of social media applications to store the images, including some designed to look like calculators.
"They were trading these images like baseball cards," said Baumann, whose department is working with the Waukesha School District to notify parents.
"They had a virtual cloud where they stored them."
Baumann said the department could file charges of child pornography or using a computer to facilitate a sex crime. Read More>>

Former Glen Rock cop pleads guilty to sexting teen girls - A former police officer and juvenile detective pleaded guilty Thursday to sending sexually explicit text messages to two teenage girls he was investigating.
Reamy was charged last summer with five counts of endangering the welfare of a child. Prosecutors said he contacted a 14-year-old and 17-year-old girl using his department-issued cell phone.
"Can I say you're hot" and "Did you think I'd call and start sexting right away ???? Hahaha," were among the texts he sent. Read More>>

Sexting scandal at Lake Placid middle school - Some local middle school students have been caught up in sexting scandal.  Several Lake Placid Middle schoolers are under investigation for taking or sharing sexual images. 
The images are so graphic, it prompted the principal to hold an emergency meeting with parents Monday night about the dangers of smartphones.  It's been a wake-up call for parents to know what's on their children's cell phone.
Sheriff Susan Benton warns parents that the naked selfies and sex act video verge on child pornography.  "It spreads so rapidly, it's like wildfire, they can barely be stopped," says Benton. Read More>>

mSpy Mobile Monitoring

mSpy monitoring solution

The mSpy cell phone and computer monitoring programs gives you access to everything that your kids are doing on their devices making mSpy a very valuable tool to keep your kids safe while they are online. Unfortunately, there are people that want to hurt your kids online whether they are being bullied or groomed by an Internet predator.  They may be sexting on their smartphone doing irreversible damage to their reputation and possibly facing criminal charges for distributing inappropriate images online. mSpy can let you know what they are doing so you can circumvent any online activity that you deem inappropriate. Read more about mSpy here.

More Information 

Male Teen Takes Nude Photo of Himself, Charged with Making Child Porn - A Three Rivers, Michigan, teenager is both the victim and perpetrator of a sex crime. He might land on the sex offender registry, and face criminal charges, all because he took an inappropriate photo—of himself.
The boy is unnamed in local news reporters, which note that he is under 15 years of age. He allegedly took a nude photo of himself on a girl’s cell phone. That girl sent the picture to another girl, who sent it to another. Preliminary charges are pending for all three—the boy was charged with manufacturing child porn, and the girls with distributing it. A prosecutor is still weighing whether to pursue the charges.

Police Detective Mike Mohney told WBST.com that sexting is a serious crime because it leads to “bullying,” and “real severe things like people committing suicide or violent crimes against others because they're so embarrassed about it.” Read More>>

WebWatcher Mobile Cell Phone Monitoring

WebWatcher Computer Monitoring Service 

WebWatcher lets you monitor cell phones to see every text message they send or receive - remotely from your computer. It's easy to set up on the phone, and entirely invisible.  Just install the software onto the phone you want to monitor by sending it a text message and you will then be able to secretly see all sent & received text messages from that phone.
You will see everything they do, sext and text. In addition, you can see it from anywhere. Just log into your account and see a full record of all the text messages - who they communicated with and both sides of the conversation.  Available now for iOS and Android. 

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More Information

View some alarming teenager Sexting Statistics Here.

Sexting Stories in the News Archives

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Internet Porn Nightmares

Blackburn boy, 13, rapes sister, 8, after watching porn on Xbox - A 13-YEAR-OLD boy admitted raping his eight-year-old sister after watching pornography on a friend's Xbox.
The case has reignited the debate over children’s access to porn, with a rape charity calling for tighter restrictions.
The boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, also pleaded guilty to indecently assaulting the girl and inciting her to perform a sexual act on him.
The youngster, from Blackburn, had told police he had been watching porn on the games console with a friend and ‘decided to try it out’.
He said he had chosen his sister because she was small and ‘couldn't remember stuff’. Read More>>

Two teenage boys spend $20,000 on internet pornography - Two teenage boys racked up nearly $20,000 on their parents' credit cards to feed addictions to online sex sites.
Adelaide sex and drug addiction counsellor Robert Mittiga said the teenagers were among an increasing number of young people seeking his help for porn addictions.
"One lad spent something like $13,000 over a period of eight or nine months downloading porn and another kid spent about $6000 - and we are talking about 14 or 15 year olds," Mr Mittiga said.
Mr Mittiga, who runs GATS (Gambling and Treatment Services) Counselling Services Australia, said pre-pubescent children as young as 12 were downloading extreme pornography on their computers or smart phones, exposing them to a significant risk of psychological harm.
"Their brains are not developed enough to process what they are seeing and (they) are exposing themselves to a really high risk later on of addiction," he said.
And that is a very devastating addiction; it really disrupts the process of developing and learning about healthy relationships." Read More>>

North Shore's teen boys addicted to sex and violence online - Boys as young as 12 are becoming addicted to graphic and violent internet pornography.
 “Internet porn is everywhere and a lot of young boys have become addicted,” he said.
“It’s all about instant gratification, rather than delaying urges and building relationships. It teaches them they can have sex there and then and doesn’t teach good values”.
Mr Citer said some schoolboys had developed “rites of passage” where they were required to sexually assault girls to become members of a club.
“A lot of this (internet) stuff is very violent, where you have five or six males having sex with a woman.”
He said internet porn was increasingly “a coping strategy” for boys under stress and the harder life got at school, the more they turned to it. The danger was they were being duped into thinking sex without a relationship was normal behaviour.
Many 12-year-olds were regular browsers of pornography and some were even younger.  Read More>>

Internet porn a growing problem with children - Researchers have found that teen exposure to Internet pornography encourages sex at a younger age.
According to the journal Cyber Psychology and Behavior, males between the age of 12 and 17 who regularly viewed porn had sexual relations at an earlier stage in their lives than those who have not regularly viewed Internet porn.
"Believe it or not, the use of blocking software is declining in America [in conjunction] with the rise of the use of pornography by children," Trueman points out. "There's sort of a disconnect there .... so blocking software is very important." Read More>>

Internet porn 'encourages teenagers to have sex early' - Exposure To Internet Porn Leads Teenagers to Lose their virginity at a "much younger" age, researchers have found. A peer reviewed study from the journal CyberPyschology and Behavior revealed that males aged between 12 and 17 who regularly viewed porn had sex at an earlier stage in their lives and were more likely to initiate oral sex, apparently imitating what they had watched.
Scottish experts warned that the rise in the viewing of pornography was implicated in a variety of sexual problems - including a rise in levels of STDs and teenage pregnancies - and called for parents to be more aware of what their children were watching. Read More>>

Teen girls copy cyber sex acts, teen psychologist says - ONE in five teenage girls deliberately accesses pornography on the internet, which is encouraging some to engage in explicit sex, according to a leading teen psychologist.
And one third admit they have bullied or harassed someone online, according to a survey on the online habits of teenage girls.
Adolescent psychologist Dr Michael Carr-Gregg said some young girls were having oral, anal and group sex after deliberately or accidentally finding porn online.
"The illusion of anonymity on the net gives those girls a virtual dutch courage," Dr Carr-Gregg said.
"I do think this (survey) should be a wake-up call. This is clearly evidence that the situation is getting worse." Read More>>

1 in 3 boys heavy porn users, study shows - Boys aged 13 and 14 living in rural areas, are the most likely of their age group to access pornography, and parents need to be more aware of how to monitor their children’s viewing habits, according to a new University of Alberta study. Read more>>

A 15-year-old girl has been arrested for taking nude photographs of her self and posting them on the Internet, police said - This could be your daughter! Wouldn't you want to stop her if you could? Read More>>

WebWatcher computer monitoring program

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